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Spinal Injuries

Find relief from spinal pain

Our surgeons at Bone & Joint Specialists use the most modern, innovative techniques in spine surgery in order to alleviate pain and get our patients back to their lives. >

Knee Injuries

Start moving again

Our surgeons use the most modern approaches to alleviating knee pain, including minimally invasive surgery, joint replacements, injections and physical therapy. >

Foot & Ankle

We’ll Get you back in action

Our doctors treat all issues and injuries involving the foot and ankle with the most innovative treatment techniques including surgical options, injections, orthotics and physical therapy. >

Shoulder Injuries

Don’t let shoulder pain hold you back

At Bone & Joint Specialists, our surgeons use the most minimally invasive techniques to treat shoulder injuries and problems, from rotator cuff tears to frozen shoulder. >


We can help you become pain free

We understand just how important your hands, wrists and elbows are. We treat them in the most delicate and complex ways possible to help you become pain free. >

Hip Pain

Let us ease your hip pain

Hip replacement surgery has a very high success rate in qualified patients. Minimally invasive techniques and improved implant devices help patients recover faster and get moving quicker. >

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Client Testimonials

I became acquainted with Dr. Joseph Schwartz about five years ago.  He is the most trusted and talented surgeon that has ever treated or operated on me.  He gives sound and worthy advice when asked for. Thanks so very much.

Barbara C.

Qualified Doctors

We are reliable & trusted

Dr. Scott Andrews


Since he began practicing orthopedics in 1992, Dr. Andrews has had extensive experience in sports injuries, joint replacements, traumatic injuries and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Dr. Kenneth Ham

Dr. Kenneth Ham

Dr. Ham has extensive experience in diverse areas of orthopedic surgery including general orthopedics, joint replacements, minimally invasive surgery and sports medicine.

Dr. James Hong

Dr. James Hong

Dr. James Hong’s practice focuses on reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques. His secondary languages include Spanish and Chinese.

Dr. Zeshan Hyder

Dr. Zeshan Hyder

Dr. Zeshan Hyder graduated Cum Laude from the University of Illinois and throughout his medical education has published articles on various subjects related to arthroplasty and spinal surgery.

Dr. Michael Knesek

Dr. Zeshan Hyder

Dr. Knesek has published articles on complex hip and shoulder disorders in many orthopedic journals and textbooks including the American Journal of Sports Medicine and The Journal of Orthopedic Research.

Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Dr. Zeshan Hyder

Each of Dr. Schwartz’s patients receive unsurpassed care for orthopedic problems, with special interest in the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, and in arthroscopic surgical techniques.

All of our physicians are Fellowship Trained and Board Certified.