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3 Spring Break Activities That Are Easy On Your Joints

If you are heading somewhere warm and tropical for spring break then you probably can’t wait to get out of the cold Indiana weather. If, however, you have a joint injury or just had surgery, you may be wondering what—- other than laying by the pool— you can do while you’re on vacay. Luckily, here at Bone and Joint Specialists, we have created a list of three spring break activities that will be nice and easy on your joints.


If you’re staying at a hotel that has a swimming pool, why not wake up a little bit early in the morning before all of the other swimmers arrive and do a few laps? Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your joints because it doesn’t place such a strong impact on your joints as other sports do.


If you’re going to a small beach town or even somewhere new, you may as well really immerse yourself in a new area and explore things by bike. Rather than taking a car to go to dinner or breakfast in the morning, consider looking up restaurants that are close enough that you can bike to. Biking is really great for knee injuries, in particular, because it exercises the muscles around the knees without putting too much of a strain on them.


If you’re headed to the beach, why not get out in the water and really explore the sea life below you? Snorkeling isn’t just a fun way for you to hang out with Nemo and his friends, but it’s also an activity that should be really calm and gentle on your joints.

You don’t have to stay sedentary while you’re on spring break vacation if you have joint issues. To learn a little bit more about how you can take better care of your joints, contact us at our Merrillville office at (219) 756-6500.

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