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5 Tips for Preventing Knee Pain

Knee Injuries Merrillville, IN If you’ve ever experienced knee pain, you’d probably like to do whatever you can to avoid it happening again. Here are five tips for preventing future knee pain injuries.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

As you’d expect, being overweight is not good for your knees.  Excess stress on your joints can also increase your risk of osteoarthritis. In addition, studies have shown people who are overweight tend to have weaker quadricep muscles. Quadricep muscles help to support the knee.

  1. Wear supportive, stable, well-fitted shoes

Your footwear can make a big difference when it comes to knee pain. Flat shoes or shoes with a 1-inch or shorter heel that keep your foot from sliding back and forth or front to back and have a cushioned sole are ideal. Rubber, non-slip soles are also recommended to prevent you from slipping and sliding too. If you walk or exercise regularly you should be replacing your workout shoes every 3 months or so to ensure the cushioning is adequate for your knees but also your feet, ankles, hips, and back.

  1. Stretch and exercise your muscles

Strong muscles help to protect all of your joints, including your knees. Strengthening your core muscles can help improve posture and healthy skeletal alignment, both of which help to equally distribute pressure on joints and protect your knees from being strained. Strong hip, leg, and butt muscles also help to take pressure off your knees. It’s important to be active, even if you’re only doing light-intensity moves.

Stretching is also key to healthy knees. Flexibility is important for maintaining healthy joints as you age. Try stretches that focus on the calf, hamstring and quadriceps muscles to take the pressure off of the knees and kneecaps.

  1. Avoid kneeling on hard surfaces without a cushion or knee pads

Don’t kneel on hard surfaces or engage in repetitive kneeling. This can cause damage to the bursae that cushion your ligaments and tendons. Use a cushion or kneepads if necessary.

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