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How to Get Rid of Knee Pain

Whether you consider yourself to be physically active or not, suffering from knee pain can put a real damper on your everyday life. Rather than sucking it up and taking yet another ibuprofen, we have a few ways that you can get rid of your pain for good and start living life more comfortably.

Get a Diagnosis

First things first, you need a proper diagnosis. Although online medical websites can help you narrow down what you may have, nothing will give you answers quite like coming into our office and getting an exam. Whether you have a small tear, tendonitis, a sprain, or you need to have your knee replaced, knowing what we are treating is the first way that we can relieve you from your knee pain.

Seek Treatment

Immediately after we give you a diagnosis, we will recommend treatment. Depending on what you’re suffering from, treatment may be as mild as physical therapy or as strenuous as surgery. Either way, we will be your ally and walk you through every step of the treatment process so that you can get on the road toward recovery.

Practice What We Preach

Although we can help you with the initial steps of treatment, much of the work is done at home; even after surgery. One of the most common things that we prescribe for our patients (both our non-surgical and surgical patients) is to do physical therapy. In addition to attending physical therapy often, you must also do your stretches and exercise every day at home. Otherwise, you aren’t going to see results.

Finding relief from pain starts with a diagnosis and ends with putting some work in on your end. If you want to learn a little bit more about knee pain relief, contact our Merrillville office today and call us at (219) 795-3360.

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