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How to treat wrist injuries

istock 1221224691A sudden injury is often the cause of wrist pain, but sometimes it can result from other problems such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. So many factors can lead to wrist pain, which is why it’s important to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan for proper healing. Here are xxxxx things you need to know about wrist pain, causes and treatment options.

  1. Falls onto the hand during a sports event or an accident or fall are the main cause of wrist injuries. Sprains, strains and fractures happen when there is a sudden impact on the wrist. 
  2. Inflammatory conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome are another common cause of wrist pain. Carpal tunnel is a repetitive stress injury in the wrist that involves inflammation around the nerves that pass through the carpal tunnel. 
  3. Ganglion cysts are another cause of wrist pain. 
  4. Symptoms of wrist injury include pain in the wrist or hand, numbness and tingling in the hand, a limited range of motion, swelling or bruising in the wrist or fingers, sharp pain, difficulty making a fist, general weakness in the hand or wrist, or a grating or clicking sound when you move the wrist. 
  5. Treatment of wrist injuries will depend on the type of injury. If you’ve fractured the wrist bone, an X-ray or CT scan can determine if there is a broken bone. Casting is common, but it may require surgery. If you twist and tear a ligament in the wrist, casting or surgery will be necessary. 
  6. For carpal tunnel syndrome, more conservative methods are indicated initially such as splinting the wrist and using corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. If these methods don’t work or initial treatment is delayed, a surgery to cut the ligament may be necessary to remove the pressure on the median nerve. 
  7. If you have a mild or moderate sprain, the injury may heal on its own. If you have swelling or pain when moving the wrist or your hand, you should have it looked at for diagnosis and treatment. 

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