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How to find relief from bunions and hammertoes

womans hand massaging her bunion toes in bare feet to relieve pain If you suffer from bunions or hammertoes, you know how painful these common conditions can be. Often, these can be treated without surgery. Here is what you need to know about bunions and hammertoes and what you can do to reduce pain and get relief.


A bunion develops slowly over time. It’s develops on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint when the big toe joint presses inward toward the second toe. The normal structure of the bone changes slowly, resulting in the visible bump on the outside of the foot. Often, bunions can be treated successfully without surgery.

Conservative measures include changing footwear to shoes that aren’t tight and don’t compress the toes. Padding and shoe inserts can be used in the shoes as well. Toe spacers can keep toes separated, while a night splint can keep the big toe in a straight position. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications as well as icing several times a day can help reduce pain and swelling.

Surgery is the last step to help reduce constant pain and suffering from bunions when conservative methods don’t work. Bunion surgery will realign the bone, ligaments, tendons and nerves to correct alignment. Patients may need inserts or orthotics after surgery to maintain alignment and prolong results.


A hammertoe is a bending deformity of one or both joints of the toes outside of the big toe. These usually start out as minor deformities but can get progressively worse over time if left untreated. Hammertoes are usually the result of wearing improperly fitting shoes, the structure of your foot or trauma to your foot.

Hammertoe treatment begins with conservative measures such as changing footwear to roomier, comfortable shoes. You may need to wear pads or orthotics. Your doctor may prescribe exercises and other things you can do to stretch and strengthen muscles.

If conservative approaches are unsuccessful, surgery can release the tendon that prevents the toe from lying flat. The surgeon may remove a piece of bone to be able to straighten your toe.

If you suffer from bunions or hammertoes, now is the time to get diagnosis and treatment options to help you find relief. Call (219) 795-3360 today to schedule an appointment.

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